Lumbar Spondylosis Symptoms


It is a disease of the improper placement and imperfection in the lumbar vertebrae of the spine. The disease is common in the people aging above 40-45.


The symptoms of the Lumbar Spondylosis include:

Ø  Lower back pains

Ø  Pains occurring mostly in morning hours

Ø  Pain that comes and goes periodically

Ø  Lower back numbness

Ø  Tingling and irritation in lower back

Ø  Difficult walking

The symptoms of Lumbar Spondylosis can be explained in detail as:

  1. Lower Back Pains:

The most of the patients suffering from Lumbar spondylosis are found complaining about the lumbar pain. As the disease is found in the lumbar region, pain also takes place in the lower side of the back.

  1. Morning Hour Pains:

It is also observed that the pain occurs in the first half hours of the morning in the body. The symptoms of spondylosis are improved all day long and worsen during the night that is why pain takes place in the morning.

  1. Periodic Pains:

The patient complains about periodic pain in the back. This means, the pain that comes and goes. It is mostly observed right after any kind of physical activity and found to be gone after an interval of time, though always happen.

  1. Lower Back Numbness:

Numbness is also felt in the lower portion of the back. Uncomfortable strains take place and the patient suffers from extreme stiffness in the lower region of the back.

  1. Tingling In Lower Back:

Tingling and irritation in the lower back occurs and the patient bears difficulty in body movements. As the lumbar spine is the most supportive region of the backbone, therefore if it bears irritation then other parts of the body are also affected such as legs, thighs, arms etc.

  1. Difficult Walking

Due to high and extreme pains in the vertebral region, the patient bears serious difficulty in other movements such as walking, running, lying etc. the lumbar spine is just before the pelvic girdle which articulates with the leg and thigh bones (femur and tibia-fibula). Hence lumbar spondylosis affects the leg portion as well.

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