Lumbar Spondylosis Exercises

Lumbar Spondylosis is a degenerative medical condition of the spine in which bone spurs occur in the joints of the vertebral column. This condition can be treated through physical therapy. For a physical therapy the doctor prescribes the patient a number of related physical exercises such as:

Ø  Stretching

Ø  Yoga

Ø  Aerobics

Ø  Sitting in a constant posture


Stretching of body especially in the morning plays a vital role in back pains. Back pains usually occur due to dislocation or the displacement of vertebrae in the spine. However stretching makes these vertebrae re-positioned in the spine and help in reducing the back cramps.


Yoga is another physical remedy for treating Lumbar Spondylosis. Yoga enhances the mind and body relaxation and keeps the body posture in the most appropriate way. The particular positions and actions performed in the yoga comforts the body pains especially in the back.


Aerobics is another effective way of treating Lumbar Spondylosis. Aerobics is considered to be the best for lumbar spondylosis because aerobics helps in decreasing the body weight which is a positive indication for curing spondylosis because most of the body weight is strained on the lower portion of the back. Aerobic reduces the weight and also the force on the lumbar spine, hence proves to be a good treatment.

Sitting in a Constant Position:

Sitting with straight back makes the vertebral column straight and well framed. Keeping soft cylindrical foam between the spine and the back of chair can also result to be a good idea for keeping the spine at its position. Constant positioned sitting with straight back makes the discs arrive to their actual place and reduces the ache.

These exercises play effective role in treating the Lumbar Spondylosis. For a mild Spondylosis, the doctors and physicians prescribe these exercises to the patient. These exercises overcome the pains in a brilliant manner. If the condition is severe or worsen then the treatment shall be taken surgically.

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