Lumbar Spondylosis Treatment


Lumbar spondylosis is a medical situation in which the patient suffers from serious back pains occurred due to sliding of vertebrae in the lumbar region of the vertebral column. It may also happen due to any external injury or osteophytes (bone spurs). This disease often occurs in people aging above 40-45 and is found mostly in women rather than men. The symptoms for this disease can be lower back pain and extreme stiffness in the spine. The pain usually happens in the early hours of the morning.


Various types of treatments can be taken for curing Spondylosis. These include:

Ø  Exercises

Ø  Hot and cold treatments

Ø  Aerobics

Ø  Application of medicated ointments

Ø  Analgesic medication

Ø  Surgery

  1. Exercises:

The most common recommendation for the patients of spondylosis is physical exercise. The physical exercise can reduce the stiffness and relieve back aches. This is found to be the most effective and soothing treatment for spondylosis. It has provided an influenced relax and comfort to the patients.

  1. Hot and Cold Treatments:

Hot and cold penetration also treats spondylosis. Hot heat penetration soothes the tissues and reduces the pain. Whereas, ice wrapped or packed in a cloth, if applied on back after exercise also reduce the cramps.

  1. Aerobics:

Aerobics is a multipurpose treatment for the backbone issues. It enhances the blood circulation and minimizes the stiffness of bone. As known, aerobics do a lot in putting the body weight down; therefore it may result in one of the best treatments for spondylosis because the lesser the body weight, the lesser the stress on joints will be.

  1. Application of Medicated Ointments:

Medicated ointments, particularly for the back pain relief may be applied on back which releases the pain. They contain a special kind of chemical known as NSAID which penetrates in the skin and directly goes to area where it is required. This reduces the drug involvement into the blood and result in long lasting effectiveness.

  1. Analgesic Medication:

Analgesic medication is defined as medication which is given to the patient without            any unconsciousness. It is externally given to the patient so as to reduce pain. These are pain killers. The most used analgesic drug for spondylosis is Aspirin and Tylenol.

  1. Surgery:

The surgical approach is usually chosen as the last option only when all the external remedies fail in curing the disease. In surgeries, the bone spurs (osteophytes) are removed and the cartilages are trimmed.

The new inventions and discoveries in the medical science have made it possible to treat any and every ailment with an ease. The Lumber spondylosis can also be treated via various methods and treatments depending upon the severity of the problem and the physical health and age of the patient.


Homeopathy has seen a sudden surge of followers and practitioners in recent years. Many people have started switching on to the homeopathic way of treating ailments. It is so because in this stream, unlike any other, the ailment is removed from its roots. Also the medicines are easy to take and to some extent affordable.

If the person is diagnosed with lumbar spondylosis of grade one or two, he can pursue the homeopathic way of treating the same. The procedure may appear long but it is indeed effective. If the person takes the medicines regularly on time, he will for sure get the benefits.

While opting for the homeopathic path, it is necessary that the practitioner is skilled, experienced and knowledgeable. Make sure he has treated the similar cases before and if possible seek the testimonials from his other patients. As the procedure of homeopathy is slow, you cannot decide whether the medicines are effective or not at the initial stages.


Physiotherapy is still the most trusted way of getting relief from the stiff muscles. But to get the actual benefits from this treatment, it is imperative that your physiotherapist must be skilled and good at his job. Depending upon the severity of the problem and the other effect of other medical treatment that you are undergoing, the apt number of weekly sessions is decided for you. The session lasts for 35 to 44 minutes. On following the sessions regularly, you are able to achieve its benefits in no time.


The natural way of healing is indeed the best of all. Naturopathy though has existed from the day human civilizations have begun, but it is only in the recent years that it has become really popular. In this methodology, the person is given massages using natural essential oils and herbs. Hot and clod baths along with slight changes in the life style and eating habits facilitate fast improvement. The person is encouraged to survive on natural food like fruits, vegetable and juices. He is also made to sleep on a hard bed or the thin mattress to make his spine potent.

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